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Youth Diversion Program

Professional and confidential; strengths based support for at risk youth.

A referral service to re-engage young people aged 10 to 17 when they’ve committed a minor offence.

Clients are referred by NT Police; the program is an alternative to becoming entrenched in the justice system. It provides an opportunity to explore what is going on in the young person’s life and link them with activities to promote social and emotional well being.

The Program encourages family and community involvement; helps address the possible causes of anti social behaviour, and may involve working with the victim and/or community according to restorative justice principles.

The young person must be willing to engage with the program; identify areas of interest, participate in school, work, activities such as counselling, life skills programs. These activities aim to support the young person improve their wellbeing and reduce social isolation and the risk of re-offending.

Download Youth Diversion Program brochure.

Locations Offered