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Our Logo

Our logo, created by the people of Tiwi Islands in conjunction with our staff, is reflective of our mission and is explained as follows:

  • The fire gives us light, warmth, and safety.
  • The sun’s rays coming out of the fire is what gives us life.
  • The ashes are the problems when we are feeling down
  • The people sit around the fire, holding hands, telling stories, singing, dancing, eating food, sharing, working out a plan of action, sharing feelings.
  • They are holding hands with each other, comforting the one who is hurt- friends, husbands, wives and families who have problems caring for each other. The most important thing is LOVE.
  • The circle - people are equal of all races. We have different colours, different cultures but the main thing is that we are all people. The circle is never ending. It keeps going round and round.
  • These lines show we are upset, angry.
  • The triangle shapes mean we have an open mind.
  • The rainbow colours mean peace around the world which is the circle 

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