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Supply reduction key to minimising alcohol harm in Darwin


CatholicCare NT supports the Northern Territory (NT) Government’s decision to restrict Dan Murphy’s from opening a mega store in Darwin, as supply reduction is a key component of alcohol harm minimisation.

The Director of CatholicCare NT, Ms Jayne Lloyd, says that NT has the highest level of alcohol harm in Australia, and opening a mega store in Darwin will only exacerbate the problem.

“CatholicCare NT delivers AOD programs in urban, rural and remote areas across the NT, and we witness first-hand the damage that alcohol does to families. It causes chronic health issues, family dysfunction, family violence and financial issues.” Ms Lloyd said.

“Almost one in three people in the NT consume alcohol in a way that puts them at risk of long-term harm, and one in four people consume alcohol in a way that puts them at risk of short-term harms at least weekly,” Ms Lloyd said.

Prevention and harm minimisation guidelines state that price, promotion and availability are all key supply reduction methods. CatholicCare NT believes that Dan Murphy’s outlet sizes, opening hours, advertising tactics and product prices all contradict best-practice in reducing alcohol harm and misuse.

“We know that there is a significant relationship between exposure to alcohol advertising, and drinking intentions and behaviours among young people,” Ms Lloyd said.

“Research shows that 43 per cent of drinkers purchase more alcohol when it is on special or the price is reduced, with 59 per cent of heavier drinkers doing this.

“So the more alcohol is promoted, and the lower its price, the more alcohol harms we see”.


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