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Thank you for visiting the CatholicCare NT website. Perhaps you are a new visitor or an old friend, either way – we are interested in what you think about our website and our services in general. Whether you have a compliment or a complaint – we really do value your feedback.

What you think about us is very important and helps us to shape our services to be able to respond to your needs. You can use our online feedback form or ask at one of our offices for an evaluation form that you can fill out.

If you have a complaint, it can be resolved at a number of levels in CatholicCare NT. Also, in addition to this, outside channels may be used, such as the Anti-Discrimination Commission or Ombudsman. In the first instance, you can talk to your CatholicCare NT worker. If your problem is not resolved, ask to speak to or write to the Manager. If the problem is still unresolved, please contact the Director of CatholicCare NT.

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