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Vision and Strategic Priorities

We are committed to:

  • engaging in genuine partnerships based on the principles of subsidiarity, development, dialogue, leadership, local investment and place based services 
  • advocating for those in our community who are suppressed or marginalised 
  • having a client focus. This means delivering sustainable and ethical services that people want and in ways that contribute to
  • building better lives for people. These services will be well functioning, accessible, transparent, friendly and culturally driven being well resourced; being an organisation of choice for clients and staff based on integrity, relevance, collaboration, initiative, adaptability, continual improvement and responsiveness to need.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve our mission and vision, CatholicCare NT has identified five key strategic priorities, which will drive our work over the next three years (2014-2017) by developing: 

  1. An organisational culture of leadership that delivers on our mission and vision. Leaders are required to hold themselves accountable for living out our organisational mission and values. Over the next three years we will develop leadership that drives our mission, inspires our staff, and strengthens our organisational culture.        
  2. An articulated cultural competency framework for direct service delivery that includes place based service delivery. Our service delivery models need to reflect the community in which we work. For CatholicCare NT, this means establishing effective development models and cultural competency standards for service delivery. Our focus is on delivering place based services where possible, and developing an inclusive local workforce to deliver high quality services.
  3. An organisation where a commitment to dialogue and partnership is evident in service design, delivery and evaluation. Our work is relational. Our approach is to enter dialogue and partnership in a spirit of humility and collaboration, with a focus on achieving positive outcomes for clients. We build trust and respect through our interactions, not only with our clients, but also with other service providers, our funders and our communities. This allows us the privilege of being able to form meaningful partnerships which increase our capacity to make a difference.    
  4. A disciplined workforce that reflects our values, shares our commitment to the mission and vision and reflects our diverse population. To succeed in our mission and vision we need a workforce that reflects the values of the organisation. We need to attract people who are committed to our success and want to make a positive contribution to the community. CatholicCare NT will support and develop the skills and capacity of staff so that our work and our workers are recognised as being of a high quality.
  5. A research and evaluation capacity that informs our ongoing service delivery and advocacy. Services that are based on integrity, relevance, collaboration, initiative, adaptability, continual improvement and responsiveness require a commitment to continual learning. We will support our staff to build a culture of inquiry and action. Building robust research and evaluation frameworks will be essential to this.