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Privacy Statement

When you access and use our services at CatholicCare NT, we may collect your personal and sensitive information to help you achieve your goals. CatholicCare NT has an obligation to uphold the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988. Our staff are expected to meet the requirements of the privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures to ensure that your information is protected and only used as agreed.  

1. What information does CatholicCare NT collect and hold?

We will only collect personal and sensitive information that is necessary for us to deliver services and programs to our clients. The type of information collected and held may vary but usually include:

  • collecting the contact details and information about your health, income status, ethnicity and emergency contact details.

2. How does CatholicCare NT collect and keep safe personal and sensitive information?

How we collect and store personal and sensitive information varies depending on the reason why it was collected. Information CatholicCare NT may keep includes:

  • copies of your written communication with us
  • other documents that may have been created while you were our client, including your interaction with us.

We may keep copies of these documents in electronic or paper formats. All personal and sensitive information is securely stored at all times and can only be accessed by authorized staff members e.g. caseworkers or program team leaders/managers. 

3.  Why does CatholicCare NT collect and hold personal or sensitive information?

We may collect, hold, use and disclose personal and sensitive information to help us do our job and provide our clients with services and programs. This includes:

  • to assess your wellbeing and provide you with support, community services and other assistance that we can offer you
  • to provide you with the services you have requested
  • to comply with our funding contracts and community services standards
  • to respond to your feedback or complaints
  • to answer your queries

We are committed to maintaining your privacy, and we will only use your personal and sensitive information to help provide you with the right services and support.

4.   Will CatholicCare NT share my personal and sensitive information?

We will only share your personal and sensitive information with your permission or as allowed by law in the Privacy Act 1988.

If you have any questions please speak with your CatholicCare NT worker.